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Past Winners of Suncoast Chess Club organised open events

The Suncoast Chess club has been hosting open tournaments since 1990.  In most years two events were held

and the names of all winners are engraved on our gigantic rook trophy which was made for us by Eumundi Woodcraft (picture).  In 1999, the club had the honour of hosting the Australian Open.  In 2006, the club only hosted limited rating tournaments capped at 1850, and those winners' names do not appear on the trophy or this list.  The club started hosting Opens again in 2010, skipping 2013.

The names around the top of the trophy are the winners of the 4 tournaments held at the 1999 Australian Open.

  • Open Vadim Milov GM Switzerland
  • Open Rapid  Joel Benjamin GM USA
  • Open Lightning  Joel Benjamin GM USA
  • Open Woman Arianne Caoili The Phillipines

Out of the 33 tournaments Open tournaments hosted by the Suncoast Chess Club, there has been 11 different winners with 6 people winning more than once. 

  • Ian Rogers GM 8 wins 
  • Stephen Solomon IM 8 wins
  • Darryl Johansen IM 4 wins
  • Alex Wohl 3 wins
  • Roland Schmaltz GM 3 wins
  • Gene Nakauchi FM 3 wins

 Link to complete list of past winners.

 Write up of some of the recent Suncoast Chess Club's Events can be found further down this page.

Sunshine Coast Womens and Girls Rapid Trn 

Wendy Coghill started this trn in 1996, to help give confidence to young girls who are normally greatly outnumber by boys at chess trn.  The trn is still going strong.  Link to the complete list of the Wendy Coghill Shield

2015 Caloundra Open -- Aust Day Weekend

Congratulation to Gene and to all the division winners, Charles, Stuart, David and Alin. Full results can be found  under "tournaments & result" tab. 

2014 Coolum Open - November - Coolum RSL

This was a small field but enjoyable tournament with some good hard fought games.  Congratulation to the Winners; Gene Nakuachi 6/6, Tony (Junhao) Zhong 5/6, equal 3rd Joshua Morris and Tony Weller 4/6.  Full Results

2012 Caloundra Open - 24th & 25th of November - Pacific Lutheran College

In its second year at this venue.  In 2011 we had 49 entries with GM Roland Schmaltz as the out right winner. 

2012 Pacific Lutheran Allegro Chess Series

Series Flyer

1st Event - 3rd of March - Results added just click link.

2nd Event - 5th of May

Final Event - 4th of August 


2012 Bill Powell Open - 18th & 19th of February - Coolum-Peregian R.S.L.

 Link to final results cross table. The playing field was 50 strong.  Prizes going to over 20 players. I would like to thank the following for their help and support - Finn Sorensen(set up and equipment), Paul Summers(Mars Bars & assistance), Bill Powell(assistance & coming out of chess retirement to play in the Blitz), Gunter Stock(New fine chess set & 2 copies of Fritz 13 from Gamestronics), Kevin Casey(11 chess books & 2 DVDs), George Lester($$), Elliott Renzies($$), Bari-Claire (for excellent catering(sorry if I got the name/spelling wrong)). We also had Alex Wohl(who tied for 1st in the Blitz with Stephen Solomon) spend some time with us and he offered me some valuable advice (mostly about promotion) of making this good event even better.

On a sad note, Roland Schmaltz(WINNER 6/6 ) is unlikely to play any more tournaments before returning to Germany. We were lucky to have him at our open events and I hope quite a few players have benefited from his advice. Denis Ovcina formerly of South Africa played a good tournament with a strong field to finish out right 2nd securing this by drawing with Solomon in the last round. A 6 way tie for 3rd with 4 from the Open category and 2 from group A. Yi Liu should be noted for beating IM Stephen Solomon in the 3rd round. Other players who preformed really well Karthik Gurunathan, Rachael Solomon, Alan James, Marcus Porter, Andrew Cray, Harry Hughes, Mark Cervenjak, Michael D'Arcy, Daniel Lapitan(def Yi), Martin Jack & Martin Post  . Finally the prize money was $890 in prizes for the Open category and another $710 for the rating groups and another $150 in the Blitz.
Also Alex Wohl attend the event(as a spectator) and has written a good blog entry about his experience you can read and you can also check out his complete blog.


 Link to location in google maps.

Link to ChessChat with discussion about the open.


Tournament 2 - 2011 Caloundra Open

Cross Table Results - Caloundra Open  - Won by German GM Roland Schmaltz - Field of 49 including 1 GM, 2 IM's, 1 FM, and 3 other players over 2100.

Held on the 26th and 27th of November at the Pacific Lutheran College.

Link to location in google maps.

Tournament 1 - 2011 Powell Suncoast Open.

Cross Table Results - Open - Blitz -Won by Australian IM Stephen Solomon - Field of 39 including 1 IM, 1 FM and 1 other player over 2100.

 Held on the 26th and 27 of February.  6 rounds.  1st prize $600.  Additional blitz tournament run on the Saturday Night. 

Link to ChessChat with discussion about the open.

Accommadation Listing

Accommadation Listing - Coolum

A guide only to see what is in the area - created in May 2010.